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Chianti, 1994

Le Altese (CLEARANCE OFFER Was £49.95, Now only £25- Sold only as a Curio/ Novelty from the 1994 Italian vintage)

The 1994 Le Altese Typically displays a bright brick colour with medium body and silky Chianti tannins. A smooth, well rounded wine offering sour cherry and raspberry notes with a medium finish. These wines can be forward and fruity while still exhibiting Chianti's characteristic rustic charm.

Chianti, situated in Tuscany in central Italy, is home to probably the best-known and most iconic of all Italian wines. This Chianti is a Sangiovese-based wine from the less prestigious vineyards of the area.

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Rouchet, 1994

Scarpa (CLEARANCE OFFER Was £39.95, Now only £25- Sold only as a Curio/ Novelty from the 1994 Italian vintage)

Antica Casa Vinicola Scarpa was founded by Antonio Scarpa* in 1854. Scarpa’s reputation was made beginning in the 1960s and 70s by Mario Pesce, whose father purchased the winery some years earlier. Mario was one of those souls who, while respecting the traditions and history of his region, was ambitious enough to think that they could do better – and specifically that the Monferrato could produce complex, age-worthy, and elegant wines. He spent time in Burgundy and Alsace studying French techniques in the vineyard and the cellar and used what he learned to experiment and develop more careful techniques in his own vineyards and cantina in the Monferrato.

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